Timber Ashore

Terraces and balconies

In all weathers - these terraces like both sun and storm! The special characteristics of teak wood have proven themselves again and again during boat construction.

You can also make use of these attributes ashore: Teak wood is perfectly suitable to use as a flooring on terraces in the garden or on the balcony. See for yourself and be convinced.


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Deck boards in the garden ...
A terrace made of wood forms a natural intersection with the garden area. The wood is absolutely weather resistant and easy to maintain.



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... and on the balcony
We are happy to recommend our teak deckboards also for installation on the balcony.



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In any weather
Create your own design for your balcony. We will be happy to assist you.



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Our teak wood at the ZDF-Fernsehgarten
At the ZDF-Fernsehgarten, you can witness our teak floorings in a live setting.


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