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Mold Creation

To manufacture our teak deckboards we need a mold made from drawing board, hard sheets or a similar material.

You can download specific instructions on how to create molds (including many photos) here:

View as PDF - How to create moldsInstruction: How to create molds
View as PDF (1.2 MB)



How to Install

We deliver our teak-deckboards (depending on their size) in single segments that can be installed immediately. Included in the price is the joint compound SEALINE 100 or PANTERA Marine Deck 3000/30.

Our teak deckboards can be installed on every surface and they can easily be installed by anybody. The single deckboards are glued on their entire surcafe and subsequently sealed with a joint compound.

No further screwing is necessary. The advantage of this method is that there is no danger of damaging the deck and create leaks during installation.

You can download specific instructions on how to install (including many photos) here:

View as PDF - Installation InstructionInstruction: How to install
View as PDF (7.8 MB)



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