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F6 – SEA LINE 100-Sealant

Single component sealant, black


SEA LINE 100 is a single component bonding assembly sealing that contains silicon and rubber. Its characteristics are very high flexibility, aging-resistance and resistance to UV-light and sea water. It is sandable and it needs no primer.
Application: Sealant for the jointing of boat deckings made of teak.
Before you start working with SEA LINE 100 please sand the parts on which you plan to use it. The parts have to be absolutely dry and free of oil and dust. It is advisable to clean the parts with acetone. You don't need a primer for using SEA LINE 100!

SEA LINE 100 is sprayed directly in the grooves with a spray gun. Please make sure that the grooves are filled completely and that SEA LINE 100 juts out on each edge of the groove. Then you should use a spatula to press SEA LINE 100 into the groove (exert high pressure). This will also smoothen the groove. Rises in the groove after smoothening mean that there are air bubbles in the groove. These bubbles have to be opened and filled again immediately.
After SEA LINE 100 has fully hardened, it can be sanded, preferably using antistatic sandpaper (60/80 granulation, available in selected stores)

Our tip:
Our recommendation is to spray some SEA LINE 100 on a sample. After ca. 48 hours you can cut open the sample to check the cure. Warm and humid air will accelerate the curing process. Available in 310 ml cartridges.


F6 P– PANTERA Marine Sealant MS 3000/60
A single component gluing and sealing assembly on SM-polymer base

PANTERA Marine Sealant MS 3000/60 has the following advantages:
- Contains no solvent and isocyanate
- coatable after 10 minutes
- sandable, elastic
- bonds even on moist surfaces
- no mildew and antibacterial
- processing temperature: +5°C - +40°C
- contraction > 1%
- may be used in closed rooms
- odourless
Durability is 12 months, if the catridge was still unopened. After opening, PANTERA Marine Sealant MS 3000/60 can still be used for 6 months.
PANTERA Marine Sealant MS 3000/60 is available in 290 ml and 150 ml cartridges. Available colors are white, grey and brown.


F7 – Pressure guns

Our pressure guns are suitable for usage with Pantera Producs or our SEA LINE 100. All guns are European products. Even if the advantages of our guns are not immediately apparent: They are obvious. The guns have a much better conversion rate than guns from the hardware store.

Especially when you work with many cartridges, our guns will make your life easier. You can spray on more material while exerting less power.


F7 D* – Air pressure gun


Features: Air pressure gun with lightweight cylinder made of aluminum. The piston for the cartridges is pressed to the front by the piston of the gun by which air is prevented from getting inside. The pressure can be regulated during usage.


F7 D** – Air pressure gun 

Features: Patented piston mechanism: When pulling the trigger, the piston of the gun moves to the front and seals the rear end of the cartrdige while pushing the piston of the catridge to the front via air pressure. The pressure can be regulated during usage.




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