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Marine Plywood

Do you need waterproof glued marine playwood? No problem - we have a wide range of marine plywood both for interior and exterior construction available off-shelf.

All marine plywood manufactured by DANIEL GEORGUS is glued according to DIN AW 100: It is seawater proof, boil proof and tropicalized.

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Upon request, we can deliver almost any marine plywoods that are up to 15 mm thick first cut (with the exception of A2, B2, C2, C3, D5, D7, D8, D11 and D12).
Note: Please bear in mind that there will be a saw notch loss of 3-4 mm. You can find the exact measurements for the different first cuts here: First cuts - View as PDF.

The first measurement is based on the grain direction of the wood. The extra charge is 10% of the list price per square meter.

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