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Teak Decks 

Accessories for Deckboards


77b - Drill with precutting device
(Forstner drill)

Application: Drilling new or widening old screw holes.


77f - Wood for central aisles and margin-mouldings

Application: Usable to create central aisles and mouldings for margins

Length: Falling lengths until ca. 250 cm (different sizes on request)


77s - Deck screws

V2a, 4,8 x 19 mm

Application: For bolting teak deckboards to the deck.


77t – Teak-Moulding for a Wooden Deck

Application: Mouldings for installing traditional teak deckboards.

Construction: Mostly with good visible annual rings /rifts- semi rifts. Available with and without rabbet.
with rabbet: Rabbet width one-sided ca. 5mm or two-sided ca. 2,5mm

Length: Falling lengths, ca 180- 360 cm

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